Monday, May 25, 2009

Kitchen - Walls Bros

After begging Darren to get time off work for this one he finally got a few hours off - Thank God - boy would I have made some big colour mistakes.

We wanted floating vanities but due to cost have decided against them. Designer suggested we have the kicker pushed back to pipes which will give the effect of floating without the cost. Thinking of changing the kicker to tiles also.
We have gone for grey and white in the kitchen and brown and white for the bathrooms.
Will post plans when we get them

Selections - Direct Interiors

What an experience this was! First of all Darren couldn't get time off work to come to the appointment - yet again no one holds appointments for people on weekends. So I had to select everything on my own - we had both visited the showroom the weekend before but found it very hard to find what we needed on our own.

Anyway - as you would expect from us, we didn't want anything from the standard selection - fussy buggers! We chose square basins, soft close loos, 6k worth of doors, upgraded shower screens all up our selections came to just over $10k - we had to make some changes - thats way too much.

The Council Saga

We knew from the onset this could be an issue we just didn't want to believe it. The council rejected our plans to have the driveway on the corner of our street and the side street. Grrrr.

We had such plans for partying down one side of the house and sleeping down the other.

We have come up with the this as a way to overcome the problem. The rest of the house needs to be squashed by a metre as the council wanted the house further setback by a meter which left us with not enough room to subdivide down the track.
In some ways this option is better - we get double entry doors and private toilet in the ensuite, both great features I was disappointed about not having in our original plan.

Friday, May 1, 2009

In the beginning...

In 2008 when all 4 of us were using various items in one bathroom ie one in the shower, two cleaning their teeth and one on the loo, we decided we could no longer live in our tiny house.

So we decided it was time to bulldoze and build our dream...

We signed our contract with Rendition homes in Nov 2008.